Welcome to the Farm to Table Market

Last day of retail operations will be Friday, February 22nd

Despite CCFC store closing, Collingwood Kombucha is thriving!!
Continue to pick up your favourite kombucha growlers or re-fill your bottles 65 Simcoe St.
Collingwood Kombucha at #collingwoodkombucha on IG and FB.

The Farm to Table Market is your one stop shop for local, farm fresh, organic and artisanal food in the heart of Collingwood. We are open to the public and staffed mostly by volunteers.
Anyone can shop here! Members receive a discount and volunteers qualify for an even greater discount. Member or not, smiles are always free 🙂

As a member, you’re part owner of a grocery store and directly connected to our local food community! Not only does that sound awesome and give you major bragging rights – it means that YOU have a voice. You’re also part of something bigger: a movement to support local farmers and organic agriculture. Together we’re standing up for the environment, sustainability, our health and really good food.

Collingwood Kombucha


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